Some books that I've read

  1. 2666 5/5

This is my favorite book of all time. It's a big book, broken down into 5 chapters. It's weird and pessimistic, but I think it has influenced my worldview a lot (I'm weird and pessimistic). I think it taught me not to take myself too seriously and see the world with more empathy and curiosity.

  1. To live 5/5

Depressing read. I've to take breaks from reading this. One chapter was too horrific that I paused for weeks before having enough energy to open the book again.

  1. Haunted 5/5

But it's not for everyone, I wouldn't recommend it if you are a vanilla reader. But if you're like me, into black humor, it'd be a fun read.

  1. Becoming 3.5/5

It's ok... it's mostly about struggling with wifely duties, her own accomplishment, and being shadowed by her husband's name. Tbh I don't think she sees her life as something exciting. She likes to follow a path and keep climbing her ladders up without taking risks.

  1. The picture of Dorian gray - 4/5

Classic. I like its raunchy vibe.

  1. Should you believe in Wikipedia? 5/5

I read this book through my design of online communities class taught by my advisor Amy Bruckman. I love it because every sentence in there makes sense to me. I am also a person who gets bored easily, so trust me, this book is very intriguing. It makes me question if rudimentary education could be built differently, to be built more inclusive. If knowledge itself is socially constructed, then would peer grading make more sense than grading by teachers? Should it be the teacher giving lectures instead of students teaching each other?

  1. The art of loving 5/5

This book does have its limitations due to its times. But I like how it traces different kinds of love by logic and personal growth. My favorite viewpoint from this book is that a mother's love is protective by nature. It is letting go that mothers need to learn to make their love truly help children grow.