Instant Notes

I like digital products that carry physical feelings to them. I want my digital desktops to have friction to have physical limits such as space. This product is designed to carry that feeling. It gives you that physical desktop property unlike any others. In this app, folders are one-level deep, and all items available are on display.

πŸ“ Create an instant note wherever you are!

πŸ“… Year: 2021 Fall

⚑ Contributions: Full-stack UX/UI Design, Full-stack development

πŸ’» Tech specs: Javascript, React.js, PWA, react-spring, use-gesture, draft.js

We developed this prototype in a web app to demonstrate layout style and user interaction. We also made it installable and can be used offline. ❌ πŸ“Ά

πŸ‘ Interaction highlights

01 | πŸ“ Create new sticky notes

02 | Resize sticky notes

03 | πŸ—’ Read and edit file

04 | Copy objects

05 | πŸ“‚ Combined interactions