UNC Dorm Review

🧐 Want to hear about other students' reviews before choosing your dorm? 

πŸ“… Year: 2020 Fall
⚑ Contributions: Full-stack UX/UI Design, Full-stack development
πŸ’» Tech specs: Javascript, ArcGIS

Don't we all want to hear other people's feedback on the on-campus dorms as freshmen? I remember the difficulties that I had when trying to select a dorm out of 36 dorms. It could have been an easier choice for the freshmen. So I developed a site for students to leave reviews and comments on dorms they've lived in.

I implemented the ArcGIS map to display the pinned location of dorms. Average ratings are shown when clicked on. It helps students pick the highest-rated dorm within the range of the area they would like to reside in. 😍


01 | Landing Page

This is the welcome page. I designed it such that any newcomers can look search for a specific dorm name and view its review history.

UNC dorm review landing page

02 | Home page

On the home page, there's a list of all dorms's names and their overall ratings. IΒ also implemented an interactive ArcGIS map that can show users where exactly each dorm is.

UNC dorm review home page

When a blue dot is hovered, a pop up shows up the dorm's name and its overall rating.

Display of reviews

03 | Write reviews

Users can leave a review and help new students avoid Hinton James at all cost.

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